Waterjet Pressures Are Increasing, And So Is Productivity Posted By: He Yang

With a new X-Stream xP90-100 Waterjet Intensifier Pump, Jet Edge Waterjet Systems is means to strech aloft pressures than we were means to grasp with prior models, says Jeff Schibley, Great Lakes informal manager. Pressure is not all that critical until a pursuit emporium is perplexing to furnish collection better, faster and reduction expensively than … Continue reading Continue reading

Waterjet Cutting Glass Posted By: He Yang

Although potion is a crisp material, it can be cut regulating an disintegrating waterjet and a formula can be utterly stunning. Most potion slicing is finished for artistic purposes. There are a few categorical equipment to cruise when slicing glass: Quality of glass Abrasive and H2O delivery Support of a glass Design of a part … Continue reading